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Koh Sukorn” is the second biggest island in Trang Sea, It is the one part of Palian District. The island is parallel with the beach just only 3 Kilometers. There are 4 villages and around 3,000 populations, almost 95% are Islam on this island.


According to legend told that “There was one family has son who need to go for adventure at Indonesia. It was lucky, he met a millionaire’s daughter and married her. He was Islam. One day, they sail a bark trade to Trang City, nearby his hometown. When his parent heard that they hurry up to waiting for at the pier and bought some “grilled pork” (famous food of Trang). But when he knew that his parent come, he ashamed and afraid that his wife will know that he was poor. So, he asked his seaman to pluck anchor and sail a bark away. His parent saw that, they were sad and reprobate to ungrateful son, wish the heaven punished him. Then throw away grilled pork into the sea. After that when a bark sail erelong, there was the storm follow by reprobate of parent. A bark wreck in the middle of the sea, all things disrupted become to small island and grilled pork became to “Koh Sukorn”


This island had an area around 8,750 Rai, One half was Agriculture and Animals, another one half was a hill for rubber plantations. Almost of population here were fisherman and rubber plantations. Besides of rice field and take one hundred sea buffalos to plow, there are watermelon garden that sweet, cracking and famous fruit on Koh Sukorn.


Koh Sukorn had view point that you can see the beautiful beaches and calm. Especially, on the west of the island “Loe Yai Beach” it was suitable for swim and see the sun set.

Travel to Sukorn Island. Sleep well in Yataa. Have fun at Petra. Amazing sea buffalo.

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Amazing “6 Dragon Beaches Charming in the middle of Trang Sea”

All of 6 dragon beaches have a character, prominent and amazing magical from natural as different each place as below:


  1. Yellow dragon beach at Moo.2 Yongstar Village, Thakham, Palian District. There is a character as sand dunes stretch over looking from Koh Sabun, Thungwa District, Stun Province to Trang sea, length about 1.5 kilometers.


  1. Golden dragon beach at Moo.4 Thungruangthong Village, Thakham, Palian District. There is a character as dune shells appear in the middle of the sea with yellow like golden. It’s amazing because it isn’t sand dunes but dunes with big and small shells and more beautiful when affect with sunshine in the morning and sun set in the evening. The sunshiny is brilliant, length about 2 kilometers.


  1. Jade dragon beach at Moo.1, Siammai Village, Koh Sukorn, Palian District. There is a character mix between sand, shells and mud appear as dunes curve when the sunshine it’s green like jade, length about 3 kilometers.


  1. Sapphire dragon beach at Moo.4, Tasae Village, Hat Samran District. It is located near Hat Samran beach, water from the coast feature with mud and humus from weeds sweep to mix with sand and shell made it had a character wonderful color when the sunshiny will see like sapphire, length about 4 kilometers.


  1. Siam Ruby dragon beach or King of dragon beach of Andaman sea at Moo.4, Hat Sai Thong Village, Koh Sukorn, Palian District. It’s the longest and biggest dragon beach, length more than 5 kilometers and width 700 meters. The area of dragon beach or sand dune besides of sand there are million of crab (the villager called red crab) creep on sand dunes to attract people to come here.


  1. Albino dragon beach at Moo.3, Modtanoi Village, Koh Libong, Kantang District. There is a character sand dune stretch from head of island Modtanoi Village with diameter about 1 kilometer will occur when ebb tide, body with white, pink and grey like white elephant, length about 3 kilometers, legs spread out like Chinese dragon when the wave plus the sunshiny will looking like Albino dragon swim in the middle of the sea.

Koh Petra

It’s the biggest in Petra islands, body is limestone hill and have sharp hill top tall more than 300 meters. There is white sand stretch along island from northern to southern. Charming of Petra is beautiful of the hill and the cliff that eminent in the middle of the emerald surface. Just few people can get a chance to go inside because of about past ten years ago it was a concession area for tourism but control the amount for snorkeling and sightseeing the island. We called “Unseen Thailand”


Koh Lao Liang Tai

It’s the island has very beautiful white sand beach stretch, this point has several fishes and for snorkeling with plentiful of corals such as young coral with 7 colors. By natural young coral will live in deep blue sea but here more special because these of young coral will living in not much deep and when the tide it’s a good time to see young coral with 7 colors just by mask and snorkel only.


Koh Jang Kaab

It’s just small island, has no beach, just only rock look like warship. It has a big and small abound fishes, include several coral recover after Tsunami in 2004. When ebb tide can diving pass through the other side of island. You will not forget to   exciting and impressive. This is the truly heaven for diver.

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Superior Room Type A
THB 2,500a night

From the beach with in-direct sea view.Bungalow 2nd Row 27 meters from the beach with in-direct sea view.

  • For 2 Person
  • Free Wifi
  • Coffee & Tea making
  • Daily cleaning
  • Hair Dryer
  • etc.
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ดีลักซ์ แบบ บี
2,800 บาทa night

ห้องพักใกล้ทะเลห้องใหญ่ 5 เมตรจากทะเล และใกล้สระว่ายน้ำด้วย

  • อาหารเช้า
  • ไฟฟ้า 24 ชั่วโมง
  • ฟรีไวไฟ
  • เครื่องทำน้ำอุ่น
  • ไดร์เป่าผม
  • อื่น ๆ
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Special Deluxe Room
THB 3,000a night

Sea viewStand alone bungalow. Simply comfortable

  • Incl. breakfast
  • Free Wifi
  • Safe box
  • Daily cleaning
  • LED TV
  • etc.
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Free of charge services

WiFi Free

On the public area.

Restaurant Time

Open 7.30-10.30 (breakfast)
10.30-21.00 (Restaurant)
Kitchen close 20.00

Deck-chairs & umbrellas

Free of charge for our customer.

Library Room

2nd hand library corner for book lover.


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“Travel to Koh Sukorn, Sleep well in Yataa, Have fun at Petra, Amazing Sea Buffalos”




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