Andaman Sea Trip in 1 day


Andaman Sea Trip in 1 day

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07:30  Pick up from Trang town by van to Taseh pier.

09:00 – 13:00  the boat trip takes about one hour to Lao Liang-south Island is one of the most beautiful white sand beaches. You will find a variety of beautiful fish and dive. See also abundant coral with lunch then to Lao Liang-north. Lao Liang-south between Lao Liang-north. That is, the seven colors of soft coral. Which naturally soft coral that is only based on water depth and currents. The nature here is more special than the others.

These soft corals that live at depths not much. When combined with the rhythmic water – right down to the opportunity to have these soft corals seven colors using just a mask and snorkel only.

13.00 Subsequently, the trip takes about 20 minutes to Jungkab Island, which is a small island. The entire island is a rocky plain clear water small but provocative. Certainly fun and excitement

13:30 the trip takes about 20 minutes to Petra Island is the largest island in the archipelago vessel, and few people have the chance to enter the island with a sandy beach. In the past ten years. This area is a nesting Newbie concession area. The franchise owners are extremely tenacious. Just started a promotional tour controlled limited number of tourists to snorkel to appreciate the beauty of the island, which is the Unseen in Thailand.

15:00 to 16:00 back to the Taseh pier and to the city of Trang.


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